Born in 1979. Lives and works in Ireland. After studying art and communication, Neven became a graphic designer for magazines and then a graphic designer in advertising. Nurturing the dream of becoming a painter, he moved to Paris, where he took courses to perfect his learning. His art tells of this journey, his life in Europe, and
his discovery of travel. He has pursued a full-time career as an artist for the past ten years. His solo exhibitions have taken him from Japan to Ireland (where he settled) via the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and South Africa. His artistic journey is expressed through urban landscapes, vibrantly colored interior scenes, and joyful juxtapositions of our daily lives.

NEVEN’s paintings also remind us of the photographs of Karen Knorr or Gloria Friedman by multiplying mythological evocations and references to art history. They give a determining place to architecture, which becomes both the framework and the subject of fiction, where it introduces animals’ incongruous elements observed in the art lover’s
archetypal positions and the works exhibited there.

Nathan NEVEN is part of this generation of contemporary artists who, while admiring his classical or modern elders, paint with spontaneity, sincerity, and emotion… quite simply. Neven’s works are displayed in many galleries around the globe, including in France (Paris, Honfleur, Touquet Paris Plage), The US (California), the UK (London), Ireland (Kinsale, Dublin), South Africa (Johannesburg).